Leadership Communication for The TED Talk Generation

Develop messages that drive results.


Everything leaders need to leverage TED-Style messaging.

The Marks Messaging Method™ provides leaders with a trusted, 3-part communications framework:




There’s value in your message.

But what’s the impact

if your people aren’t moved to action?

Your audience doesn’t have much bandwidth.

These days…

…viral TED Talks are today’s measuring stick.

…multiple screens and apps compete for attention.

…traditional speaking techniques have evolved.

…attention spans are shorter than ever before.

The Marks Messaging Method™ will help you communicate clearly, memorably, and drive results.

Acquire powerful techniques, based on methods for connecting with your audience and compelling them to take action.

Learn to:

  • Curate connection with your viewers
  • Saturate your message with story
  • Pinpoint your message accuracy
  • Deliver tangible takeaways
  • And more...

The Marks Messaging Method

Deliver your message – your BIG IDEA – in a powerful way… to be understood, internalized, and acted upon:

  1. Fivefold-Focus: We develop insight sets built around a singular BIG IDEA, supported by clear key points. TED-Style messages are focused.
  2. Story-Wrapped: We process and share ideas though story — research and data alone don’t move ideas. TED-Style messages are wrapped in story.
  3. Action-Igniting: We must ground our insight sets in practical, actionable, and shareable next steps. TED-Style messages ignite action.

TED-Style communication fundamentals can be applied everywhere:

  • Keynotes
  • Sales Pitches
  • Virtual or Live Meetings
  • Investor Meetings
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • And, yes, on TED stages

Your CONNECT to COMPEL path is clear.

To ensure your communications reach The TED Talk Generation, follow these 3 simple steps:



Opt-into the C2C community to access the Marks Messaging Method insights.



Complete an online course; join a group training; or train 1-on-1 with a certified guide.



Apply the framework to connect with your audience and compel them to action.

Hi, I’m Devin...

I've spent years training leaders, just like you, to connect with on-screen viewers and live audiences and compel action.

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