The TED Talk Whisperer

I’m driven by catalyzing BIG IDEAS for a better world. I empower experts to drive positive change by helping them connect with and compel the TED Talk Generation.

I earned the moniker “The TED Talk Whisperer” from clients and media outlets alike, after decoding why TED Talks are so captivating and spread-worthy.

I studied and deconstructed the tenets of the TED style, identifying the techniques that make top TEDsters so wildly connecting and compelling. And I created a framework – The Marks Messaging Method™ – for applying these principles not only to aspiring TEDsters, but also to virtually any other form of leadership communications (keynotes, pitches, boardroom presentations, etc.).

Devin D. Marks is the nation's leading TED-Style speaking coach.

One of TED’s TOP 10 TALKS of all time was delivered by an “alumni” client of mine, who, when he started working with me, had never even heard of TED Talks. In late 2015, Harvard’s Dr. Robert Waldinger stepped to center stage and shared his message. To date, his "Good Life" talk has been viewed more than 45 million times.

I’m passionate about sharing my training method not only because it is my mission to help experts drive positive change, but also because it really works.

Powerfully. Everywhere.

I want you to better connect with your audience and compel them to action!

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 This method works. Powerfully. Everywhere.