Communication is different these days.

TED Talks have raised the bar on spreading ideas from stage and screen.

Make 2024 your year to raise the bar.

To that end, here are 3 things you can do:

Join the m3 Experience:

Maximized Message Mastermind™

For leaders, experts, and professionals looking to elevate their impact and amplify their overall platform

This fortified mastermind group (virtual) will focus on improving your ability to connect with your audience, elevate the impact of your messaging, and strengthen your overall platform. Biweekly, for 9 months, I will teach a small group of curated experts the necessary skills to take their message, their communications, and their ambitions to a TED-level. Included will be accelerated learning; peer feedback roundtables; hotseats; 1:1 coaching calls with Devin; a private slack channel for ongoing dialogue with my team and your cohort colleagues. The experience will culminate at an in-person, live event during a storytelling festival in Lexington, KY (horse capital of the world).

Throughout this program, you’ll have access to my expertise, knowledge, and network, for TEDster insights, referrals to influencers, and more. This is an unrivaled opportunity to benefit from regular peer input, develop professional friendships, and build a rich support structure as you amplify your ambitions!

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Join the STICKY Stories training

...starting March 6, 2024

For aspiring TED Talk speakers, keynote speakers, those presenting in a boardroom or pitching an idea or anyone else who wants to learn how to connect with their audience and elevate the impact of their message...

For 6 weeks, I’ll lead a cohort into storytelling best practices from behind the TED stage. The STICKY Stories training will unpack the 6 keys and 18 factors that make for a story that spreads. You will become versed in the 6 shapes of story and how to leverage the 3 forms of story (internal, public, hidden) on behalf of your clients. Hosted via live Zoom, these 50-minute trainings and workshops will guide you through crafting your TED-worthy story buffet. This is a special opportunity given it is an inaugural live experience course launch and future versions will be online-only, pre-recorded content.

What’s more, the virtual trainings will culminate in a real life gathering at a storytelling festival in Lexington, KY (horse capital of the world). There, you will push your skills to new heights with deeper workshopping and opportunities for on-stage storytelling.

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Signup for the BETTER Speaking newsletter.

For those who are not preparing for a TED Talk but still want to elevate their leadership communications with the potency of TED-style tools, this biweekly (or so) publication provides powerful insights for better messaging in-person, on stage or on screen. I’ll help you leverage the tried and true methods of TED in order to elevate the impact of general keynotes, boardroom presentations, interviews, pitches, and more. BETTER Speaking explores topics ranging from messaging to storytelling, and beyond. All to make your communications more memorable and impactful.

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